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To say you ‘believe’ in faeries is, to my mind, odd. The fae just Are. The elemental world has been around since and probably before the beginning of time.
As a child the faerie folk that surrounded me, did not surprise me, I was not afraid, they just, were there.

When I was very little we lived in a basement flat in a very old building, the front of which was very grand, but should you arrive from the mews entrance and the back, it was a wonderland of doors leading nowhere and corridors going off in all directions. One of the doors though, led through into a wonderful courtyard garden. Completely overgrown and neglected by the previous occupants. My faerie visitors used to pop in through the window and sit and watch while I played. It was amazing to see, but I was unaware that not everyone could see them. I was lucky that a wonderfully kind lady who worked in our building also saw our visitors and we had many long conversations about them. It was Miss Feilder who explained to me that not everyone could see them, and it might be an idea not to tell everyone what I saw. If one should pop up while I was playing, her advise was to say that I had seen a mouse. This must be where my love of mice came from as well! When it came time to go to school, my faerie friends would travel with me in my school bag and my lovely first year teacher allowed me to leave my bag open on the windowsill so that they could come and go as they wished. I think she understood, as she was also aware of the fae’s presence.

Have you ever glimpsed a movement out of the corner of your eye? Felt eyes on you as if you were being watched while you were busy painting or baking. It was probably a little guest, hoping for a taste of your freshly baked cake or a glimpse of your portrait of a faerie, which might be themselves.

Time moved on and my love of everything creative expanded, until in my early adulthood I discovered clay. I was hooked and was lucky enough to be able to study ceramics at a local art college. I found myself being taught pottery in a beautiful old building surrounded by well established rambling gardens. I was fortunate to be tutored by a very talented potter who was and still is an inspiration. How lucky am I to be in touch with him still.

The focus for my work comes from nature, the woodlands, and of course, the fae. I have been lucky through my adult life to work with clay and earn a living from time to time as a studio potter.

Now at the opposite end of my life journey, I live in an amazing place in Wales, surrounded by ancient woodland and my chance to create beautiful quirky pottery has returned now that I have retired. My pottery reflects my love of nature, the trees, the flowers and the fae. You cannot help but be inspired in such beautiful surroundings in a place which is as old as time.

Occasionally, out of the corner of one eye, I spot a small visitor in my studio, or peaking though the window, having a look at what I am creating (probably checking up on me and making sure I am getting things right). Have you ever seen signs that the faerie folk have visited you? You might spot something out of place on the windowsill or footprints in the butter or in a sprinkle of flour where you know that there should be no flour at all. Things go missing and then unexpectedly turn up some place else. Well, we know who was responsible. It was a faerie visitor.

Fae footprints can be quite tiny and do not reflect the actual size of your visitor. A faerie with small feet might be quite tall or round, they are not like us humans, their proportions are quite different and they change their stature to aid moving about the human world without being noticed.

In the pottery faerie footprints are difficult to spot in a newly made mug or bowl. You might not think there is a footprint at all, until the finished piece comes out of the kiln for the last time, and there it is, like a signature, little footprints, just to remind me that my faerie helpers are not too far away.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out about my journey. Thank you for visiting.
FG. The Fae Potter x

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